Shimla Tourist Places

Shimla is a hill station and also the capital city of the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is also lovingly referred to as the "Queen of the Hill Stations" owing to its unparalleled natural beauty. The entire town of Shimla is replete with forests of pine, rhododendron, and oak and experiences pleasing summers and cold, snowy winters. Besides, it is also highly acclaimed for its buildings styled in tudorbethan and neo-gothic architecture evocative of the colonial era. It was the most sought-after summer getaways and the summer capital of the erstwhile British Raj in India as well. Shimla also ranks high among the tourist destinations of North India and is visited by hordes of tourists all the year round. There are lots of tourist attractions in Shimla that you can come across during your tour and some of them to mention are Himachal State Museum & Library, Viceregal Lodge & Botanical Gardens, Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, The Ridge, The Mall, Summer Hill, Glenn and Taradevi Temple. Tourism in Shimla also involves various adventure activities such as skating, trekking, fishing, ice skating and camping.

Shimla Mall –
The shopping hub of Shimla, Shimla Mall is the ultimate hangout zone in this town. It has a number of restaurants, cafes, government offices and cinema complexes. The Gaiety Theatre is an important attraction on Shimla Mall road. Built by the British, it is host to several cultural activities now. The Mall road runs parallel to the Ridge and bends at the Lakkar Bazaar, the famous market for wood crafts and furniture.

The Ridge –
Situated in the heart of Shimla, The Ridge is an open space running alongside Shimla Mall. The Shimla Summer Festival takes place here and New Year witnesses a grand celebration. On its eastern end is a large reservoir that acts as the main water supply for the town.

Himachal State Museum and Library -
Also known as the Shimla State Museum, ancient sculptures and paintings form the largest collection here. Inaugurated in 1974, this museum also houses a gallery of miniature Pahari style of painting, wood carvings, jewelry and costumes. It gives tourists a glimpse of the cultural wealth of Himachal Pradesh.

Christ Church, Shimla –
It is the second oldest Christian house of worship in North India. Located on the Ridge, it was constructed in 1857, soon after the Sepoy Mutiny. It is another structure in the town built in the neo-Gothic style. Lockwood Kipling designed the chancel window of the central hall. In 1860, a clock was added on the church tower.

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies –
Started in the year 1888, this institution is a fine example of Renaissance architecture. The beautiful lawns and the garden are added features. The beautifully lined pine trees add to the serenity of the place.

Summer Hill –
A 5 km drive from The Ridge will take you the township called the Summer Hill, situated at an elevation of 6,500 feet. The University of Himachal Pradesh is situated here and Mahatma Gandhi is believed to have stayed here during his visits to the state. It is also among the popular honeymoon locales in the city.

Kali Bari Temple –
This temple in Shimla has Goddess Shyamala Devi as the principal deity. Shimla derives its name from this goddess.

Tara Devi Temple –
This Hindu shrine in Shimla is located on the Shimla-Kalka road and around 11 km away from the Shimla bus terminal. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess of the heavenly stars. The hilltop offers stunning views of the city.

Viceregal Lodge -
The Viceregal Lodge is located at the top of Observatory Hills and was constructed by the British. This brilliant building served as the residence of the Viceroy, Lord Dufferin. It was completed by the year 1888 and it is still well maintained. This Lodge has now been transformed into the famous Institute of Advanced Studies and the six storey building still stands in all its splendor. The lodge has famous gardens and perfectly manicured lawns. The place is a very famous tourist attraction and must be visited.

Naldhera -
The most famous attraction of Naldehra hill station is the 18 hole golf course that is considered to be the most challenging golf course. This is because it is situated at an altitude of 2044 meters! The golf course is one of the most gorgeous stretches of land in Naldehra.

Naldehra is the beautiful hill station. The landscape of the place was just perfect to make a golf course. An entire hilltop was leveled to make way for the golf course to come up!.

The Naldehra hill resort is the perfect place to unwind and relax amidst beautiful surroundings. The resorts have complete privacy and literally every window has a different view! There could be nothing better than waking up every morning and watch the sunrise from behind the hills. You could have a wonderful time just walking down the meandering roads amidst thick deodar trees and the light mist that covers the trees. Come to Naldehra to feel true magic and you shall never forget the experience for the rest of your lives.